Young Explorers Program

The Young Explorers Program brings together families to instill a sense of curiosity and ignite the spirit of exploration in students ages 7-12 years old with fun and interactive sessions with field explorers. 

The Young Explorers Program aims to:

 The program has been running since 2016 with 35 sessions on space, the poles, sharks, Egypt, dinosaurs, Greenland minerals, Narwhals, Caving etc.  It has also lead to young explorers expeditions to find dinosaur bones in New Jersey and the youngest scientific expedition to the North Pole (

We are restarting the program in 2023 

We had the first session this year with Richard Garriott on February 26th on Curiosity in Action. 

We are planning more sessions for 2023. Stay tuned. 

For more information and to reserve your spot, contact